With the spirit of traditional European woodworking guilds, Norcia Fine Cabinetry is filled with professional craftsmen who approach their life’s work with true reverence. Its master craftsmen are capable of identifying a hardwood simply by the feel of its grain and then achieving remarkable precision working in Norcia Fine Cabinetry’s state-of-the-art facility.

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The primary components of Euro-style cabinets are
the cabinet box, door mounts, hinges, decorative hardware, and finishes.


The Cabinet Box: Also called the cabinet case, the cabinet box is the foundation of any cabinet.

Doors: While there are many different styles for cabinet doors, the two general categories are 5 piece and flat panel. The 5 piece door, also called a shaker door, is a simple, classic cabinet style that is endlessly customizable.

Door Mounts: There are two main styles of door mount – inset and overlay – and the functionality is the same for both. The choice is more about aesthetics, or what you want to see when the cabinet door is open or closed.

Hinges: European hinge styles are installed on the interior of the cabinet so that they are concealed when the door is closed. They work with inset, partial, and full overlay style doors and offer flexibility and greater room for adjustments.

Decorative Hardware: Hardware attaches to the front of the cabinet and serves as the mechanism to open and close the doors while adding beauty and style to a room. For cabinets, there are an infinite number of options for handles, knobs, pulls, or routed handles.

Finishes: Nothing can more quickly change the overall aesthetic of your custom cabinets than the finish. From paints and stains to thermofoil, melamine and natural finishes, glaze, lacquer, laminate, and varnish treatments, custom cabinets can be completed to match your personal tastes and desired aesthetics. Now with a totally updated paint booth, Norcia Fine Cabinetry can provide almost any finish that you desire.


Precise manufacturing processes are designed and implemented to produce the highest level of quality. Stunning materials and great design are nothing without great execution. At Norcia Fine Cabinetry, years of investment in state-of-the-art technology and manufacturing equipment has provided a highly automated process that produces products that endure the tests of time, temperature, and movement. Its precise selection of materials and machining, tight-fitting joints, exact leg levelers, and exact gluing applications result in uncompromised door and cabinet strength and long-term product performance.


Veneer allows a designer to work with a material that offers unique and unlimited visual effects, while producing durable, long-lasting products. Some of the most beautiful trees in the world are harvested for veneer. Each veneer species has its own interplay of color, grain, figure, and texture, while each log within the species possesses its own individual characteristics. Every veneer selection is tailored to each job, and with our decades of skill and experience in working with veneer, we know how to develop each project to make it special.


The ability to create the color, feel, and character you want for your project is an area that Norcia Fine Cabinetry specializes in. We pride ourselves on having a wide range of finish capabilities for our custom cabinetry. Paint, stains, glazes, lacquer, laminate, varnish, and natural finishes are just the beginning of an endless array of choices for our customers.


With new trends come new opportunities to stay on the leading edge of design, and as the market continuously expands to include everything from interesting colors and textures to special materials and hardware, so too has Norcia Fine Cabinetry with its product offerings.

Beautiful reconstituted and hide leathers, reclaimed canvas, unique laminates, metal inserts, and a variety of textured, printed, mirrored, and back-painted glass selections are just a few examples of the materials we work with. Custom requests are always an option, so if you find a material that you “have to have,” let us know.


State-of-the-art lighting options are part of Norcia Fine Cabinetry’s offering and include both interior and under-cabinet solutions. LED lighting technology can be attached to adjustable shelves, installed above drawers and rollouts, or positioned vertically or horizontally in cabinet sides and floors.


With a broad range of custom interior accessories, Norcia Fine Cabinetry has storage solutions for every room in your home. From cutlery trays and knife blocks to jewelry dividers and closet organizers, our accessories are beautifully crafted and stylish.