When you put as much into your cabinets as we do, you make sure you see them through to the end. That’s why we insist on doing our own installations. It assures you of a guaranteed custom fit and us of a job well done.

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Norcia Fine Cabinetry has a unique installation process that results in a final product void of unnecessary and preventable defects.


Prior to installation, you will receive a two-week notification for delivery. We will also confirm that all work needed to be completed prior to installation of cabinets has been accomplished. This includes flooring and a conditioned environment for when cabinets arrive. When delivered, our installation team will set cabinet boxes, drawer boxes, fillers, and end panels. This will allow other trades (counter tops, plumbing, electrical, trim, paint, and flooring) to finish their work without damaging our products.


After these trades have finished their work, we return to complete Phase 2 and install doors, decorative trim, and hardware. Any punch-out work is executed within three weeks of Phase 2. Change orders will be scheduled according to the time placed and scope of change. Change orders placed after delivery will likely require a typical production schedule of 10-12 weeks.